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Realtors® Renée & Gene Jantzen are driven professionals committed to exceeding expectations and delivering the ultimate service experience.

Their Motto is: Don’t back down. Don’t give up. Give it all you got! They embody the Texas spirit – you’re only as good as your word. When you work with Renée &

Gene you know you’re working with good people committed to a positive outcome for you.

Knowledge is Power. They specialize in Sun City and Williamson County. They understand this market through and through. Their knowledge offers you

a distinct advantage. And their care and attention is unbeatable. With this team, it’s Hats Off to Great Service! Call them today if you are buying a home, selling your home or simply have a question about real estate.

Hats Off to Great Service

Their experience and combined knowledge have propelled these native Texans to become Sun City and Williamson County market experts, specializing in helping seniors navigate the complex real estate market. Clients love their friendly manner, their concierge-style service, and a straightforward approach to providing information and guidance.

“When we represent you, we’re here to

protect your best interests and serve you to the highest degree, ” explains Renée. Those are words you can count on. When it comes time to make a move, say Hats Off to Great Service with Renée & Gene Jantzen.


You would be hard pressed to find anything as powerfully iconic as the cowboy hat.

It symbolizes a pioneer spirit. It represents a time of rugged individualism

and an approach to life where actions speak louder than words – you take the bull by the horns and get things done. Very often, a cowboy hat gives you a glimpse into the character of the person wearing it.


Meet Renée & Gene Jantzen

People in Sun City and the Georgetown area know Renée & Gene for their iconic cowboy hats, which serve as a nod to the Old West and its good old-fashioned values of hard work and integrity.

The two met in Sun City and married, forming a wonderful blended family. Then they became business partners, starting their real estate team back in 2004. They haven’t looked back since.


Renée is an Energizer Bunny!

Born in Dallas, Renée enjoyed ballet, jazz dancing, and drill team in high school – and she still loves to dance! She graduated from UT at Austin with a degree in fashion design and, desiring to see the world, went on to enjoy a long career as a flight attendant. Clients and friends refer to her as the energizer bunny due to her non-stop drive. She’s the proud mother to grown daughters, MacKenzie and Morgan, and is someone who is plugged into community life. Renée has performed in local theater, contributed to groups like Assistance League and Kiwanis Club, and is dedicated to her church and Bible studies.


Gene is the Voice of Experience

Born in Houston, Gene describes his childhood as a strict military-style

upbringing that instilled in him a discipline instrumental to the success

he’s achieved in business. After graduating from the University of Denver

with an MBA, Gene prospered throughout a 32-year career with Sears,.

He took an early retirement and went on to become a successful voice over talent. Sears recruited him out of retirement, and he went on to spend four memorable years in Saudi Arabia. He is a devoted father to grown children, Mit and Katie, and serves on the Commission on Aging and is an active Kiwanian and church member.